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In my coldest night,
Far from any illusion…

The world,
Now without a light,
Is closer to its conclusion…

I can hear
Voices dimming…
Time’s ending now,
Asleep, somehow…

I pretend
I’m still dreaming,
But it’s so cold
And I feel so old…

A glitter still,
A light so real,
Smiling at me…

Into the night
I no longer fight,
I just give in…

There’s not a tear
As I get near
The end of the road…

Julia Kretsch
11 December 2009


Around and out loud,
To the four winds I call out,
And to Heaven and to Earth,
Great Spirit of Birth.
We take a leap into the light,
We fly up high out of the night,
Embrace all stars, embrace the grass,
Only rainbows ahead of us.
All the bad days are gone:
We're the children of the sun.
All the thorns that you went through
Will fade out in front of you.
For each time that you sigh
There's a guide of light nearby,
No more living on the run:
We're the children of the sun.
Julia Kretsch
7 June 2008


Glittering stars
Covering scars,
Comfort and ease
Hiding disease.

There’s a famine in me,
A famine in you
To make the world see
What they put us through.

News of the rich
Becoming more rich,
No news of the poor
Of what they endure.

And it all makes me cry,
It all makes me shout.
Why do they have to die?
Couldn’t we just reach out?

Diamonds and pearls,
Yachts, cars and furs,
Their only role:
Wrap an empty soul.

Trembling hands
And slippery feet
Searching for friends,
On the verge of the pit.

Your heart’s not a desert.
I see rain from your eyes.
A child is a present
God brings in our lives.

War, thirst and starvation -
A child’s dying tonight.
You could bring salvation,
You can make it all right.

When you make your prayer tonight,
Think of those with no power to fight.
Put yourself, for once, in their place
And then try to put a smile on their face.

Julia Kretsch
17 August 2007


All you give
Is a world of pain
This is life
Running through my veins
These are tears
That you take as rain

I can see
Through your gift-wrapped lie
You invent
Worlds you can’t deny
All I have
Is another sigh.

Hide again
My truth again
Hide again
My life again
I can’t live and I can’t breathe
I can’t smile in your world again.

Cities of dummies
And dreams of gold
Stories forgotten
And truth untold
I never thought that it could be so cold
In your invented world.

Julia Kretsch
12 February 2007


Alone in darkness,
Cold feet and cold hands,
Icicles in my dreams,
I fall into oblivion.

I’m sinking into emptiness
With no beginnings, no ends,
And my heartbeat, it seems
To keep on going on and on.

I dream of angels calling me,
I fly above the city lights,
And for the first time I smile
Like never ever before.

A warm hand is holding me
Like in my many cold nights.
A second seems like a while
In this voyage of lore.

That magic night has come
Announcing the birth of light.
All that I could dream
Has happened tonight.

Beats like a drum
My heart inside
And all people seem
To be friends tonight.

Julia Kretsch
12 December 2006


Lift me up
From myself
So I can fly
High above,
Above this world.

I take you
Right above
Your truth
Then I paint the sky
In red and blue.

I never thought that you
Could be the one
I never thought that we
Could be as one
I cannot lie to you
And I can’t forget my dream of you.

When you smile
I can see
The light of your heart
And I fly
Above this world.

Never cry
I can take
Your side
When you live in your world
I will just have to smile.

You held my hand when I couldn’t see
You gave me hope when I had to be
Strong in this world
All I could see was sorrow grasping me
And pain that was overtaking me.
It was only the dream that helped me fight
Through daylight darkness you were my light.

Julia Kretsch
25 September 2006


Remind me of heaven
When hell’s what I live in,
Remind me of flowery spring.
Self torture and sorrow –
My names for tomorrow,
Remind me a dim light to bring.

When children are crying,
When mothers are dying,
Remind me a prayer to make,
And when wars awaken
And pure dreams are broken,
Remind me the whole blame to take.

If brothers kill each other,
If sons forget their mother,
Remind me to open their eyes.
When words, sublime or poor,
The emptiness endure,
Remind me to throw all the lies.

When dark thoughts invade me,
When fall comes inside me,
Remind me of white angel wings.
And when great illusions
Become the solutions,
Remind me to wash all my sins.

And don’t you forget
To remind me of you…

Julia Kretsch
11 December 1996


In the summer sky
Clear and bright
I can almost fly
Into the light

The orange desert’s still
By a sea of blue
And now all you feel
Is up to you

Everlasting summer
Over the golden sand
Everlasting summer
Love with no end
Everlasting summer
Breeze over me
Everlasting summer
Nowhere else I’d rather be

The sun shines over me
As it forever did
High up and so free
Planting the seed

I caress the rust
Of the ancient boats
Life comes from the dust
That swirls up and floats

Julia Kretsch
26 July 2007


You have no time for me
As if your clock went faster.
This voyage seems to be
Heading for disaster.

I see no clouds, no rain
And no snow falling.
Through my window pane
The sun is burning.

Orbiting through your space,
Colliding with your inner eye,
I see the mask put on your face,
The truth shadowed by a lie.

You smile to birds, you smile to trees.
Your link is here so strong,
Your soul is here at ease.
It’s here I don’t belong.

Julia Kretsch
30 January 2007


Dream away
Above a cloud
And fly, you say
Around and around
I can call you
When I’m astray
Smile away
Above a tree
And talk, you say
Come talk to me
I can reach you
If I pray
Blue waves
Surround me again
Blue dreams
Can lift me above pain
Beyond any words
That one might say
Beyond any distance
Far and away

Take me away
Just another day
Let me play
And show me the way
Take me in your hand
As if I were your friend
And let’s just pretend
That there is no end
Guide my sleep
When I fall deep
And when I weep
My tears keep
Let me finally know
How I can make it show
And if I can’t let go
Then I cannot grow

Julia Kretsch
28 February 2007


I can be the one
The one that you need
Though maybe the one
The one you erase
I can be the one
The one that you kill
With a big full smile
Smile on your face

Take me away
In a way
Than you know
I’ll stay
And I’ll pray
And I’ll fade
Till the day I die
Till the day
The day that you die

You end the game
And I lay
On the street
And I’ll pray
And I’ll fade
Till the night I die
Till the night
The night that you die

Is it me
Is it me
Is it me
Is it really me
That you need
To take
To the other side
To the other side

Is it you
Is it you
Is it you
Is it really you
That I need
To pass
Onto the light
Onto the light

Julia Kretsch
12 March 2007


At the end of time
I will be the last to breathe,
I will claim what's mine,
May it all be pain and grief.
Heal this only, heal this holy
World in me.

My father's a pigeon,
My mother's a tree,
The earth is my religion,
My own aim is to be free.
Break these heavy, break these aching
Chains for me.

Eyes won't cry forever,
Ears won't hear you pray.
You won't find the truth, no, never,
Do what must and come what may.
Tell the only, tell the holy
Word to me.

Crawling thoughts torment me,
Dreams of what is true and real
Longing deep inside me,
Soul's remains I want to feel.
Save my only, save my lonely
Soul for me.

Take a leaf out of your book,
Make it new and strong.
In my hands the world I took,
Now they tell me I was wrong.
Take this ugly, take this jolly
Lie from me.

Like blood tastes the black ground,
Like smoke, this ancient tree,
Like a noise, this nature's sound,
Clean this home and set it free.
Save the only, save the holy
Home, please.

Julia Kretsch
28 December 1996




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